Monday, 28 July 2008

Life's all about love.

Healing Thanks to F's dinner out, I'd recovered enough to give Jack some healing, using some cd's and two crystals. Jackory is moving now as the healing goes on, as if telling me where to heal him. When he has had enough he sort of looks at me, gets up, gives himself a shake and then moves off to a quiet spot to doze. He then relaxes completely, which is nice.

Neclace ordered from the bloke in the market. So it should be ready tomorrow.

Web sites on dog bladder cancer for you : (this UK site sells the mushrooms mentioned in the above sites)

You will find on them
  1. Recipies for dogs with cancer that do not "feed" the cancer. Interestingly they mention to avoid carrots, I always thought carrots helped with cancer but apparantly not as cancer or tumours just love sugar.
  2. Help on quality of life; ie play. Jack has been asking more and more to go into the garden - Today we played with Jack's beloved and favourite, bestest yellow ball! I couldn't help notice though that he didn't play with it as much as he usually does, and was mostly quite content with lying in the grass just chewing on it. Oddly it was also what my vet mentioned to me on Saturday, about making the most of every day that I have with Jack.

A word of warning,- some of the above sites made me sit and just sob. I want to try the mushrooms mentioned though if I can afford them.

Frustration: Not enough hours in the day for me right now. It frustrates me I am so slow on everything and F. at home not well doesnt help! Food wise I am having to be much more canny. Jack is going off the fish cooked in goats milk, so today I tried cooked chicken pieces . I should have boiled it myself, saving the juice to mix with some of the mung beans I have soaking. I still need to tempt Jack by hand feeding specially before 12 noon.

SAD NEWS Another service man died in afghan today. Puts everything to do with Jackory in context really. Humans are loosing their fight not just in Afghan, but with what is troubling Jack too and my heart goes out to all. When you think about it, life is really just about love isn't it. In loosing, we learn just really how much we love the person / pet / life we have lost. And sometimes we need to just simply let them go when the time is right, I know that.

Animals and Love : On the "Richard and Judy" show today, a lion cub, Christian, that 38 years ago was bought from Harrods in London, and looked after by two guys who bought him, and who released him back into the wild, was way back in 1969, I was ten then! It's on You Tube also :

The story and the video just touches my heart - Not just for the blokes who arranged freedom for the lion, but the lion's obvious love and trust for them - when a year later, Christian sees his two "dad's" he runs to them and flings his paws around them. It's just love, pure love, endearing, all encompassing, never forgotten, LOVE.

Lammas this weekend. - Lughnasadah (31 July to 01 August), marking the middle of summer , the first of the harvest festivals. It is a time of giving thanks, for anything really. Also letting go of any injustice, or hurt, maybe even anger or hate... or any harmful thoughts that we have. Maybe even contemplating any good which has occured even though the experience has been harmful or unkind to us, remember the old saying about "every cloud has a silver lining".

It brings to mind something Venus wrote in a recent blog the other day, about a lady that had been through rough times and how it seemed that this lady was able to make lemonade out of the lemons life had thrown at her.

It is also a good time to get the house ready for the coming of Autumn and winter, so tidying up, sweeping up, repairs, thinking about earthly colours like orange, yellow, green...

The name of the festival reminds me of lamas! - ie. wool for spinning. You know animals give us so much don't they. So much bounty. It saddens me I am fifty next year and the beauty there is , the bounty of the earth, there is so much. I am so sad I never revelled in it when I was younger, as much as I do now.

If you look up on the net, those of you that are into cooking, you should find some excellent recipies for this period of the year.

Okay thats my bit for today. I wish you all love. I wish you the love that Jackory gives me - unconditional, always there. Always a comfort, always a joy. Always devoted. Never hurting.

My Thanks for Lammas - Thanks for the love I have in Jackory, my dog, my beau, my love, my light. He is my light house beacon when life chucks it's lemons at me, my anchor when it throws me into a stormy sea, and the lovable clown when life's pathway is rich with its bounty of happiness and joy, and abundance.

Godlove my Jackory. Godlove Christian, who is probably now playing with Born Free's Elsa in Heaven. And Godlove you too. I wish you joy and happiness (as it says in the song that plays along Christians' video!)

Gina and

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