Sunday, 27 July 2008

Sunday, wet nose... lost tidier

Seems like forever since I last wrote, I've been missing writing up my blog. When I came back from Ireland the house was such a tip! It is better now, F. has helped clean it up! The new baby is doing well, her Mum and Dad phoned me today.

Jackory - I've lots to tell you about him, but we will start off from yesterday really. He had all his important treatments, yesterday okay, you know the N-tense, Urinary Support, and the Kernals with the Digestive Enzyme. I have also found special Dogmilk, base is Goats milk, in Asda, which is great, as it is has several vits and herbs , Jack & Logan seem to enjoy it.

The Vets - Yesterday I took Jackory to the vets, he didn't want to go in. It is the third time now he has flatly refused and yesterday even made a beeline for the door, slipping his lead.

Fortunately our vet grabbed his collar and in the end, Jack had to be carried into the vets room. His check over went well, and basically, any change I take him for the vet to have a look . The vet said that he has lost some dogs with the growth in the bladder weeks or months after the initial diagnosis, but , - good news, he has one dog still going four years after the diagnosis. How brill is that.

Behind with everything: I am slow in the morning after my visit to Ireland, but slowly catching up bit by bit. Jack has taken, since I was away, not wanting to go for a wee in the yard outside, so this means we have to open up the back door which leads to the entry here and then after the entry, the gardens. He will then have a wee! ! ! Funny how they get out of oh whats the word, you know when you get used to doing things regularly.

Lost necklace: F. took both Jack and Logan out to the country park here this morning - sadly, Jack came back without his lovely pink necklace I had put on him. It was pink, made out of Rhodilite. I had worn them several times before I gave them to Jack. They always made me feel better when I had them on, they were sort of comfort beads really. They were made by a local man in the market here, and cost about £20 I think.

We went back to the park when I realised they were missing, and although I asked all the nature spirits, Divine Light and Love, and the trees, to guide us to them, they are still missing!

Food - No thanks Jack didn't want any thing to eat this morning, and about lunch time I had to hand feed him some white fish I had cooked in goats milk. About 3 hours after that I tried him with some senior food which had the N-tense and the Urinary support, but he refused it. I then tried about three times or so to get him to take the capsules - again no joy. I managed to get him to take the N-tense, but not the urinary support. Then about 6 pm Jack ate some lamb and veg mix with grated carrot, parsley and some sage. In it I had mashed up the apricot kernals which had been ground, and the Digestive Enzyme. Jack ate it up and licked the bowl, again no hand feeding great.

F. took me out to dinner which is nice and much appreciated, as I was really tired. I feel better now, a roast dinner cooked and washed up by someone else! Also two lattes, I love my coffee.

Jack v Logan I've had no energy or time really to do any healing work with Jackory, so this is urgently needed. I did manage to groom Logan today, he was looking a bit matted. He had a quick brush out, then F. helped me to rig up the hose outside so we could wash him then groom him again after. Had to have a break, F. took over for about 10mins or so, then I continued.

For some reason, it is easier to groom an afghan hounds coat when it is wet than when it is dry.

Tomorrow I have to concentrate on fitting in some healing for Jackory.

I hope all is well with you guys, drop me a line if you read this blog. It is nice to know someone reads it! Love and light, please light a candle for Jackory. Someone from France yesterday lit a candle for him, thank you so much

Gina Jackory and Logan

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