Thursday, 24 July 2008

Thursday - catching up

Today has been a day of catching up, of sleep and then of tidying. I need to regroup a little because Jackory has had no healing since about Thursday.

I've sent some baby clothes off and some blankets for the new baby. Interestingly when I was trying to tidy some things in the bedroom today I came across a tiny piece of paper, it was the notice of my Grandmothers death - 21 July, 1988. 20 years ago! Interestingly our new baby was born on the 20th, only the day before. How weird is that...

Jackory looks in good fettle today, although he has been panting a bit, more because of the lovely weather we have had today, than anything. F. took him for a walk, and told me Jack had bit of a paddle today. His paws was a bit muddy when he came home, so I ended up giving him a cool shower to clean him up a bit.

I haven't got much more news really except I am longing to bring home my new little lady, it may be tomorrow. Part of my tidying has been to try to find her a place to be... but to be honest I have done little today, energy wise I am low so will keep this short and try and do some healing with some music upstairs with Jackory. I still haven't been able to play any c#d#s downstairs, am working on that.

Godlove to all
Gina and Jackory == please dont forget to light a candle for Jack, and send him some thoughts. HE does have two candles lit today, thank you so much jaqueline from Brazil, also to Venus who lit a candle for him a few days ago..

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