Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A tricky day, Jacks not eating

But first - New Baby
Introducing new family baby; isn't she lovely, pictured with her handsome, delighted brother (at least he was, now he isn't so keen!)

Jackory's lost interest in food today ... I SO want him to enjoy his days, including eating!

- All the dogs feeding time schedules have gone to pot.
- Jack's not hungry a.m.; then is picky, obviously suspicious
- It's a problem getting the N=tense etc down him.
- Hand feeding more often - Sometimes Jack refuses food.

Thoughts :-

  • Maybe too much variety
  • Already 6 pm - but Jack has only had the N-tense, Urinary Support, Aloe Vera, with a little fish and some treats. F. has just now taken them out for a walk I hope they both come back hungry. I need to get back to the earlier routine.
  • I think I need to add vit / mineral treats

Replacement Necklace ready- I hope it will pick him up; Jack is slowing down generally,it may be due to the hot and stormy weather - one thing Jack doesn't like is a storm. (Also fireworks, & cars that go "bang" !)

Healing words: :- Illness is not a punishment, but a stimulant to life.

A wish for you: May your heart sing & your soul rejoice in experiencing the wonder of life.

Love laughter, light to all - Godlove
Gina & Jackory

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