Saturday, 2 August 2008

F. is out for the day!!! Lady is home, Jack is goodx

I havent posted in a few days, I miss my blogging now when I don't post.

Jack had a good day yesterday, better than the day before. His nose isn't as wet and cold though as it used to be; but he asked for the garden and to play; his favourite is retrieving something you've thrown. He just loves that.

Food wise: Cut back to 2 meals a day, which is a "natures menu", Jack seems to enjoy it and eats the two meals, so far, anyway, even with the "treatments" added to it, like the N-tense and the apricot kernals.

Logan is a lot quieter of late, a bit subdued and maybe even depressed. He doesn't seem very happy really; I gave him a cuddle today and he didn't even wag his tail. He is not a dog for hugs sadly!

The lady (I think she has settled in nicely, what do you think?)
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Healing thought:
Let the beauty you love be what you do.

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