Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Life tip from Jack - Do something New!

Where did our summer go???? - There is a little "bite" in the air today...

I love the Spring. Jack seems to like the warmer weather too, but doesn't care much for when it gets too hot. He has taken to paddling. A new thing for Jackory; something new he has just

found! - And he must be at least 14 or so. I guess we can all learn something new, even when it seems our life is drawing to a close. How incredible is that? - He has also taken to looking for something on his walks for me and bringing it home. He has done this in the past when he has found something special (an abandoned ball, or a toy); but now he has taken to bringing me a trophy home, a twig, a bit of small branch. Anything really he can find, but normally it is something of "wood".

Jack has inspired me - I was going to book Logan in for a clip tomorrow, but instead Jack is going for some pampering. Our Jack has never been pampered in a salon, so tomorrow it is his turn. I could really do with taking Logan, as his hair has grown long from the last clip and he is bringing in a lot of dust, grass with him from the walks. But I can wait just a bit longer, I can't afford to have them both done this month!

Jack and Logan will have company tomorrow, my daughter is home with her family, so it will be nice to see them, and their dog is staying with us while they do their family travels to see friends and relatives. So our home will be buzzing again, and I get to have a little girl, baby basenji Zola, to stay.

Treatment update
Jack didn't have the urinary support/N-tense yesterday, he avoided all foods I tried with it in, so I gave up I have to say. But he had his apricot kernals and his digestive enzymes. He is now having a vitamin/mineral support with treats and his coat looks great. Logan is having some of the treats as well, to support the diet they are now having.

New Moon
We have had a new moon which has brought eclipse to us, this generally heralds big changes so we shall see. The new moon came in around 01 August, so it is just getting bigger now. Perhaps the new moon is inspiring Jack... write and let us know your tip for life this month!

Healing words: May your heart sing and your soul rejoice in experiencing the wonder of life

Godlove everyone. We have only the present. Enjoy your day, moment by moment. I'll put some tarot / medicine woman wisdom on soon.

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