Thursday, 7 August 2008

Let the beauty you love be what you do.

Yesterday my house was filled with beauty, all the things I love - children, (of all ages!) dogs, cats. It was lovely, and my "Lady" looked on everything positively grinning at everything going on. Today it is much quieter and peaceful, but not as happy!


Wet cold nose - YES! today we have a really cold, really wet nose and Jack looks great. The visit to the pet salon really cheered him up, and you know she has got him cleaner than I can get him in my bath. It must be something to do with the spray nozzle maybe, but his coat looks fantastic and is gleaming. He is in good form today. Yesterday he ate everything he should do, in two meals. but this morning I slept in from midnight until 5, so it meant I was late letting him out, and he still looks good. Jack and Logan have a visitor, baby basenji girl Zola. She is here on her holidays. A little girl, she always tends to bring some balance to the house when she comes. And Logan is positively love struck, as always.

Card Guidance: Money. The angel deck shouted to me today; I pulled out Sandalphon: "We angels bring you gifts from your Creator. Open your arms to receive".
. Sometimes we do not get into a receiving state. I have this problem with money. I can flow dream it easily; I can do the Laws of Attraction thing too where money is concerned, but I am not always "in the receiving state" for money. In other words, for some reason it is hard for me to accept money. Wayne Dyer talks about this too; he speaks about abundance being all around us, and is sent to us, but sometimes we just for some reason find it hard to accept and so we opt for a harder pathway. Perhaps when we think of the successful people we can look at their attitude to money; they may be able to take money quite easily with no hangups.

There are arguments about whether money is a gift or not. God created us, we somehow created this exchange, which is money. Money is really an exchange of energy; and it is made of energy. We should be able to "open" our "arms to receive" without any hangups. When we have it we don't need to be selfish with it either, we can choose to spread it, and in doing so keep the energy flowing in the world. Children are fabulous at doing this; - when you give to a child, they receive your gift of money, toy, treat, or what ever with big smiles and happiness. They never say "oh no I can't really" .... Thank you Sandalphon for this gem of thought for today.

Healing thought for today: The world lives and breathes, and we can draw its spirit into us.

Godlove from Gina and Jackory

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