Monday, 11 August 2008


I came across this meditation video on You Tube the other day; if you would like to play it, just click on "Meditations" (the orange title to this post, above) as it is a direct link to the video. It is a lovely peaceful serene video, please be sure to put your sound on, as there is a lovely gentle male voice that guides you through an amazing meditation. I have to say I did feel better afterward, and really wish that I could somehow save the voice and music to a DVD or CD to play for Jackory. The key word to this meditation is "Diamond"; so if you have a crystal, maybe a clear quartz, that is a diamond shape it may be nice to hold that while you listen to this.

Relationship Tip: this is a meditation for wellbeing, for abundance in terms of money, love, happiness, life - but if you have just come across someone that you would like to get to know better, you can perhaps use this meditation as a means of visualisation of a relationship between you and the person you are longing to get to know better!

Mediations are superb for relaxing and for healing, also for psychic development. There is another meditation I can recommend, it is on Hay House Radio and is linked to an under sea meditation, a journey by dolfins to Atlantis. Sadly Hay House has just developed a fee per month for visiting it's archive section; I wish I had saved it for free when I had the chance!

Update on Jackory: Jack is doing quite nicely at the moment, I am really pleased with him. Although it is very taxing when he won't eat things he will normally, like 10 mins ago I tried him with cooked fresh mackeral, but he wont eat it, not even when I hand feed him. Logan and Zola wolved their portions down. A tip if you have a poorly dog, you need to get in lots of different food and just "let it go over your head" if they dont eat, cos they will probably eat, just later on, and somehting that they take a fancy too, which means it may not be the first thing that you give them, they may fancy something else. So have a bit of a store cupboard in with different things.

Healing thought for today (tip from Jackory!) Recovery isn’t a goal, but a process

with love and light, wishing you love laughter and light - Gina and Jackoryx

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