Wednesday, 13 August 2008


Today, I came across this amazing blog, called "Angels on your shoulder". I think it is actually a website rather than a blog, but it is in blog style. If you click on the title "Angels" it is a link to the page.

So, today I am inspired me to talk about Angels - I think I could write about them more than just in one blog spot, there is so much to say.

Have you ever met an angel? You know sometimes I think Angels kind of come in different shapes and sizes, just as this blog says, also I think sometimes they borrow us if you know what I mean, like a "walk in", in order to help us.

A few blogs back I mentioned something incredible happened to me at a small supermarket. I was in the aisle, it was shortly after Jackory was diagnosed. I had about £20 or so in my pocket to spend on groceries. I stopped by the biscuit section to linger over the chocolate ones ( I love chocolate, but have been on a diet since January this year!) .
Any way, a voice by me asked me could I see the packets of biscuits that were on special offer. I was lost in my thoughts, a cross between Jackory's news and longing for chocolate, and had my selfish head on. I wanted to simply just not be bothered - the voice asked again and I turned to find a lady in black lace by me. She was dressed so beautifully, really truly beautifully, in her black lace.
Gently she nudged me by speaking, to find her some biscuits. She told me she couldn't read, but yet seemed to know the names of biscuites she wanted. She then gave me a reading; this is personal so I wont go into it. It was a mini reading but bang on and it brought tears to my eyes. She asked me if I was okay, and would I buy something of her. She said she was a true Romany, and dug in her bag to find her charms. There were several I liked; she asked for £9 for 4. You know how people choose numbers is interesting isnt' it. 9 in tarot is linked to The Hermit, the seeker, the one who lights the path. I got embarrassed then, as I only had the £20 or so and it wouldn't cover the cost of the charms. I said I was sorry, I couldn't afford the four, but could I buy one? - She chose a charm for me and said "with love" and dropped it into my hand. She turned, and walked a few steps and then just simply sort of melted into the shop.

I cried then, properly cried - I felt humbled and told myself off for trying to ignore her in the first place. A Romany Gypsy, or an Angel? - I have the charm in my bag, that is solid and for real. It did feel though like an Angel on that day, quite literally, was looking over my shoulder. Since then at home there have been tough times, and I think back to her message and it pulls me through.

Update on Jackory: lovely cold wet nose today. Was fussy eating yesterday, but it doesn't matter, as long as he enjoys what I give him and he takes his medication. A word on that though, I am wondering how long I have to give him the things I am giving him, if I have to reduce the amount , ect ect. With this type of thing I feel very much on my own as there is no guidance, not like the prescriptive medication from the vets. I need to find out more, ask the angels maybe...

May an Angel be over your shoulder today, sending you love light and direction (and laughterx)

Healing thought for the day: Whatever is exposed to the light itself becomes light.

(I am sending you the light from the picture I took of one of my angel paintings I do. If you would like one instead of a reading, I can do one for you and enclose an Angel message for youx) (Lauren Talley (talley trio) - The Broken Ones )


Theresa H. Hall said...

You;ll love this artist of angels. I met her years ago at a crafts show in Maryland.

Theresa H. Hall said...

Very sorry this web site was for an actress with the same name. I will try to locate the correct one.

Theresa H. Hall said...

She is a good artist.