Sunday, 17 August 2008

The curtains of the heart.

My family have returned to their home, a long way away, I miss them = the days with them have flown rapidly by. Jackory seemed to enjoy the visit, but he doesn't seem as well as he has been. I found the words below written by Gary, in a blog now closed. They are about the "curtains of the heart":

Open the curtains,
to let in the light.
Unwrap the layers,
your heart is in sight.
Listen to God,
at the start of the day.
Hear what he says,
he will show you the way.
God loves us all,
this we do know.
Our love for god,
we must truly show.
Keep out of the darkness,
remain in the light.
God stays with us,
he's got us in sight.

For whatever reason we can close the curtains of our heart and sometimes those of our soul and mind, and in doing so can shut out the abundance of joy or comfort that the Universe wants to bring us.
I drew a card for today's blog -
Medicine Woman:5 of Arrows. To me this is all about sharing what we have with others. Taking opportunities. Caring for others. It is about action as well as words. Share your light, and like a smile, light is catching. Sometimes though we want to retreat behind the closed curtains of our heart, this card reminds us that as we share with others, we are rewarded.

Remaining in the light can be difficult. In "Angels on my shoulder" blog, it says "Angels fly because they take themselves lightly". Think for a minute. Focus on the word "LIGHT" and what do you think of ? - Light hearted, light of foot, Light of God. "I am light". Perhaps we can fly over our obsticles if we shed our heavier thoughts; perhaps even float above them. "I am light".

The most striking colour of 5 of Arrows is yellow, linked to Angel Jophiel, who serves on the 2nd Ray, the Ray of illumination and wisdom. Jophiel is also strongly connected with Sundays, and it is Sunday today...

Tarot equivalent, 5 swords : we can see victory/defeat, but it is a cloudy card, quite literally. The number 5 is linked to change, too - this card can yell victory or defeat can be in the mind. You can live to fight, or not fight, another day; dust yourself off, gather inspiration, energy, (illumination) or think (wisdom) what the consequences of victory will be and whether it matters, anyway, in the big scheme of things.

It also comes to mind that when you are feeling "defeated" other people can take advantage and pick up the treasures or tools that you would have found if you hadn't had your head literally in the dark.

Healing message for today: "I am light. God gives me the present, moment by moment."

Present's an interesting word to; - the "now", by the now and of the now, and present, as in gift. Stay in the light, to receive universal gifts from Divine Light and Love.

Note: Years ago, when a household lost someone, the curtains in the house were closed, until after the funeral. When we mourn, we can hold on too tightly, so that the person we have "lost", can't reach us. Why? Sometimes it is because they feel they may upset us even more, or our "curtains" block them in some way. If we open up our curtains we might then see their lovely spirit light, and then our hearts can be lighter and comforted, knowing they are okay

Godbless, love and light
Gina and Jackory


dogfaeriex5 said...

hello sweet one~
how wonderful to have a new wee one in the family..much love to you and your sweet furry babies..
missing you as always...

Ella Moss said...

Thank you for the comment that warmed my heart. I love your blog. I am going to put it on my blogroll.
Also, I host blog carnival of Walking with God on my page Webzine of Our Spiritual Journeys. I think, you blog fits right in. If you are interested, go to and submit your post on my Carnival of Walking with God.
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