Saturday, 15 November 2008


Apologies for the picture - Jack seems to be getting on well doesn't he with Myfannwy; and she is settling in too.
My weeks been a bit hectic with the new arrival, and we have also had a second new arrival, a really noisy freezer... which has driven chaos into my quiet haven where the computer is (and the kettle!)
Did you know that the meaning of Barack (as in the first name of the President in waiting) menas Blessing?
It is really interesting also when you add to this info that this full Moon in November coincides coincides with the beginning of a new Mayan year, the ‘Year of Flowering.’
It is a really good time then to make wishes; especially during the Balsamic MoonNov 23-25 – these wishes are it is said, meant to manifest in the following new Lunar cycle.
Okay, all of that makes interesting reading, especially when someone wrote to me recently asking me about positive thinking; this really has been a testing trying year on all fronts, a true wheel of fortune year. How appropriate isn't it for the year to end on the election of a black President!

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