Saturday, 8 November 2008

Refreshed, reservoirs, Rested and raining


Just back today from a week away and it has been really great; I do feel rested, Jack looks fabulous, we had a fantastic time in the middle of no where, with sheep, owls and horses to keep us company; green green (muddy and wet) fields, and a cosy log cabin with a real fire...

We had a futon sofa bed which was brilliant to sleep on; and a feather duvet, how spoilt can you get!

One of the daily events was a walk to the reservoir, which is absolutely massive; we never got to walk around it but it was beautiful and safe to walk in for Jackory; and look who we found:
I've called her Sweetheart!
She was very nervous, very muddy, very tired, hungry, thirsty and absolutely glad to see us. I could not have her with Jack in the cabin as we were only allowed one dog -
She is now in kennels in Abergele, and her photo is on the Internet in the hopes that her real owner will find her. She is beautiful isn't she...
Anyway, F. has said that if her real owners cannot be found, he will let me keep her. Which is great. 3 dogs will be a handful, but you see folks, I found Jack and took him home with me. He as a mess, just like Sweetheart, but not as muddy admittedly.
So peaceful. Jack played and played. Ran in the fields, tracked smells. We had a veranda, and was able to sit out most nights / days...
Back here in the town it is bucketing down with rain. All seems very noisy, busy, and taking me a while to sort of settle back again.
Lots of love to all, and thank you to all who have been lighting candles for Jackory and Inra. No news yet on Inra; will keep you all posted. Lets hope he has shelter tonight...
With love and light
Gina and Jackoryx

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