Tuesday, 28 October 2008

A message from The Hermit.

I am only gone before you. It was just my time. I move on from one path onto a higher one. From one plane, to another.

I existed before. I existed then. I will exist in the future. All things are meant to be. The moment was meant to be.

There is light on my current pathway. It shines all around me. There are no shadows. There is no death. No nothingness. There is always the present. And there is always the light.

There are many mansions and many rooms in each one. There is comfort and there is joy. There is a sense of belonging. There is the sense of being blessed and of being valued. We transmute that joy and that comfort to you. You are simply next door. The door is the void, the group of physical cells that are between me and you.

My colours I wear are the shades of my spiritual past. As they mix they turn white. I wear my spiritual cloak of white. As the Hermit in tarot I seek to show my light. I seek to make you hear me. I seek to make you see me. I hear you breathe, and see you move. I am around you in the present and the past. I will be here in your future.

I revolve. Like the seasons. I can come into another existence, but part of me remains in the spiritual light. I can therefore always be with you. A nurturing presence. A gift for all seasons. Warmth when it is cold. I can be the Summer, the Autumn, the Winter and the Spring.

When a leaf falls and brushes your hand or your cheek, it may be my presence that allows it to fall gently by you. I can send you a bright robin in Winter, a messenger of the warmth that I still hold for you. I can be with you on all your journeys, in your car, as you sit by the phone. Why wait for me to ring when you can simply talk to me in your thoughts?

Do not mourn for me at my graveside. I am not there. I am the present moment around you. I am in the air that you breathe. I am the sunshine of your existence and in the moon shine of your evenings. I am in light; there are no obstacles to bind me.

I look to free you from your hurt because I no longer feel pain. I continue to feel love. Love lasts. It never dies. It is in the ocean and in the freshness of each new morning. It is there at the end of every day. It is with you in the current moment.

I carry my light to teach you there is no ending. There are only beginnings. New pathways. New enlightenment. New experiences.

Being lonely is a state of mind. It then turns into a state of feelings. Why are you lonely when my light shines so brightly? Be happy for me. My existence is without ties. It is boundless. I can be one with the ocean and can be at peace with the Cosmos. I am not alone. I am part of Spirit where all individual souls merge. We are all one; you on the physical existence, and spirit on the heavenly planes of being, yet we are all one within the Light of the Divine.

Have you ever thought why we are returned, the remains of our physical bodies, to the earth? Sometimes we are buried, sometimes are ashes are blown to Earth, to Sky, to the Sea. It is to remind you that we are still part of you. Part of existence. We have just taken on a new shape. A new form. A new light.

We are peace. We are calm. We are inspiration. We even are movement. We can be thoughts. In some cases we are even action. In some cases we are even in the friend that you suddenly see, that gives you an unexpected gift, of words, or a physical entity of a gift. We can be borrowers you see, in order to give to you in a way that you can relate to, cognitively.

We are kindness. We can create. We can develop. There is no time, but we do understand your time. Planetary time as we have been where you are. We know your limitations but yet you have no limitations. You are part of the existence of the Cosmos. It is deep, untraveled and yet travelled.

Our light shines on. Hold out your hand and we can touch it with the goodness of spirit.

May the Grace of what you know as God be with you. May compassion and enlightenment surround you. We have many stories to tell. Many adventures to follow. Much to experience.

We love you. Live on as we are with you.

We are all of us in a state of "In Tora".

Touch. Organise. Respond. Activate.

Bright blessings.
The Hermit.

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