Thursday, 16 April 2009

The Crone, brooch, phone call and the Ring.

Synchronicity is a wonderful thing don't you think! I took a phone call earlier, the first of three, in about a 15 minute slot. The phone calls went something like this:

1st call.
Caller 1: Is this a free call please?
Me: Yes, it is....
Caller: I'd love a reading, but I dont have much money.....
Me: (being understanding)
Caller: Okay, lovely. Will call back in 20 minutes....

15 mins later:
2nd call.
Caller 2: I called yesterday about a reading, I'd love one today please. Can I have your bank account details to pay you, I don't have access to the internet today to pay you?
Me: (frustrated as I already explained yesterday I do readings by internet payments and postal payments) No sorry, I don't give bank account details over the phone. Byebye..

I then go upstairs for the reading for Caller 1, and draw out two cards from the Celtic Messages deck, as I feel most drawn to this deck today. I drew:

Card 6, the Crone: Wisdom, tolerance, roots
Card 37, the Brooch: Joining, building bridges, bringing together.


3rd call.
Caller 1 (for their reading) Hello? I never checked if this was a free phone number. Can you do me a written reading?
Me: (more frustrated now, Celtic Messge cards forgotton) No, I'm sorry. It takes so much energy to do a written reading, I think you need to call a different reader. Godlove, I'm sorry I can't read for you.

woah. Talk about building bridges, wisdom, tolerance, trust. Roots. Didn't it all fly through the windows on both sides?

I put my cards away and grumble a bit, frustrated with the calls, annoyed as I'm now half an hour behind schedule, and I need food for my dogs. I go to the market and am too frustrated to have a cup of coffee as is my normal treat, and watch the world go by. I remind myself of love and light, patience, understanding... I also remind myself of energies and mine wasn't connected to what I call source energy, the energy that links us all, the energy between us all living beings on the Earth plane to that of the spirit and the divine.

Come back, have coffee and feed dogs, put the tv on and choose a film called "The Engagement Ring". 10 minutes into it, theres a chat about family, about roots, and history....
a character says to another:-

" I'm from a vinyard.
All I know is, Without roots you die".

How profound is that. To me it is anyway, speaks volumes, and gives me food for thought. My main frustration as a reader, and someone who has readings, is that there is a lot of trust. Without it, you should not have a reading. There is no point in asking for a reading without trust. And it is a 2 sided issue, this trust. On the part of the reader and the part of the person asking for a reading. I've been wondering about tarot links to this, and to me it would be probably 2 swords, Justice and the 10 cups.

"Without roots, you die". Amazing. I've found lately films do speak to me. A phrase, an image. They are like visual tarot, messages that are so appropriate. Without roots in anything, means a withering, a dying. Whether it is in relationships, business, readings, family, education, even self progression. Without the roots, there can be nothing. And when we think about it, roots grow with the energies, the energies of which is illustrated in many tarot / oracle decks.

Without our roots, there can be nothing. Energy dissapates, withers. To build bridges, or to join together, you need a foundation, (roots); but to make a connection, you need the 5th element, spirit, the self, what I call "inspiritation".

We need to dig deep don't we to connect with our source.

love and light
Gina and Jackory

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