Monday, 6 April 2009

The Devil, and Making Decisions

We live in a frail world at the moment. Most of our experiences happen because of the choices or decisions that we make.....or sometimes those that are imposed on us and which can bind us.

Okay firstly let me just point out that for important choices, it is always best to get the advice of a professional person. It is also good I think to look at pros and cons. And when I am really stuck, yes, I do all of that. I also though will ask Divine Light and Love, I ask my cards, and yes, I even ask my Grandmother, now in spirit, to help.

Decisions though are one thing. Our intent, is another. Again, our experience. I am thinking here of the Devil, in tarot. If you think Devil, and you re-align the words, you get "lived". And the opposite to "lived", is "living".

We all face the "Devil" at some point in our lives. It can represent our own shortcomings, feelings, experience, memories, someone else in our life - a decision, maybe one we feel trapped by, or a decision that is taking up our energy and vitality as we have not made our choice yet and feel "tied" by it. Sometimes it may just be a symbol for the present life path - you know, when you feel life is limiting you or maybe you just feel you are not getting any where...

With decisions come change. What changes do you want there to be? - Can you act for the good of all? Are there positive ways of looking at negative things that are binding you - if so, can you list them, meditate on them, and see whether you feel the chains are lighter now, light enough so you can lift them off, or simply give thanks for them if they are from the past, release them and move on?

When I really don't know what to do and my feelings are all over the place, I just drum. I drum until I feel released, until I get the message of where I should go. It is the drumming that cleanses my feelings and brings me a sense of well-being, and a connection with things.

You know if you don't have cards, but are seeking answers for yourself, and you are thinking of issues around your problem, have you thought about making your own set of cards? Try working with the situation by writing down words, or your thoughts, on small pieces of paper. Put them in a little pile, shuffle them up, and "draw" one of the paper pieces. What feelings do you get with the words, which do you want to put aside and keep? - Which don't you want to keep? Do they give you any ideas, suggestions, inspirations?

The Devil is what we make him. Some religions don't even recognise him. He is also sometimes called a trickster.... as is the "Magician". The magician has his tools and, in my way of thinking, is connected with heaven and earth. He can make the most of situations and probably is the "manifest- or" within the tarot deck. And that's important. Knowing what to do is one thing, it is often doing it, the actions. We can sit in our Chariot and move forward, we can stay still, or go backward. The Devil is but one step in the Major Acana, the higher cards in tarot, the guidance cards.

The Devil is number 15. 1&5, make 6 (the lovers). 1 is the Magician, which we have already talked about, and 5 is the Hierophant (acting for the best). Interesting, isn't it. Before the Devil, we had Temperance (balance, harmony, a gentleness, or moderation).... Okay that is our pathway to the Devil. Perhaps we didn't consider temperance too much, perhaps didn't love and give thanks, or communicate properly. Perhaps we didn't make the most of things or chose our tools wisely when we made our decisions. Perhaps we just didn't love enough or appreciate what was going on, or even loved our own true self. Perhaps we didn't even listen to our own true self or our intuition... (the volcano that I can see in the Lovers card), and we just went with our feelings....

The point is that it doesn't matter. They are the "lived bits". (The Devil, backward). What happens now is what you do with the Devil. How you vacuum up (I'm thinking of the Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner!)....

Okay after the Devil there is 16, the Tower. Oops. But think, you can rebuild towers; it may be expensive, there may be some cost (emotional, materially perhaps)... You can also decide not to build in it's place, but re-create. A garden, maybe.... you can garden your dreams perhaps (number 17 The Stars)

Which ever way you look at it, the Devil is a challenge, limitation, whether he is within us, or imposed on us. My favourite version though is "lived". He then becomes an opportunity.... for the Stars.

With love and light
Gina and Jackoryx

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