Saturday, 4 April 2009

Archaeon Tarot

I've been a member of a tarot forum for a few weeks now, and it is beginning to be a thing that I look forward too, something I start the day with. It's also been great to see others write about their cards, what they see, and to check out what I think against that. I guess for the most part, I am an intuitive reader, and when dealing out a number of cards, I like to look at how they interact, what the story is, also any patterns, colours, number links, and I have been known to re-arrange (horror of horrors!) certain cards, and sometimes to pick them up and put them into a mini deck, and read them, card by card.

Anyway to cut it short, I spotted a link today on the Archaeon Tarot, and I think I am in love. I got the most amazing goose pumps and prickly feeling just looking at the images. And to be honest, it is not a deck that I would be known to have; if you look for it on e-bay there is a warning about it containing nude images, but you know what, the nudity doesn't bother me (and I guess at times I can be a bit of a prude, so that in a way is surprising). It is also known for being a "dark"deck. ??? However to me it speaks of the land that is the veil between the physical and the non physical.

I just love this deck. Whether I will love it when it is in my hands, I don't yet know! I can't afford to order it until next week, but it is certainly on my list of cards to get. I seem to be like the Hermit at the moment, searching for new decks. I guess I'm searching for the deck that speaks to me. Maybe I have found it in this, the Archaeon tarot. I've never known a deck to give me tingles before! I did feel a certain warmth and comfort with the "Medicine Woman Deck". One of the reviews on the Medicine Woman deck said that after they opened the deck, they cradled the deck in their arms to cherish it. It certainly gives a warmth and you know what I use this deck, mostly, for my own readings, particularly when I just want a one card answer.

Maybe you can get too many decks. I seem to be collecting them as a I love the shape of my Druid deck, the circle shape. I like the warm colours and the deck is a friendly one, with images that no one can take offence with. However to me there just isn't a depth in them. Maybe I've not connected with them yet perhaps. I don't know. I wonder why this passion in me to build up my store of decks? Tarot I think is an on going pathway. True tarot. The images, the symbolism, the intuitive way of reading. I think one is forever learning tarot.

The other thing that strikes me from the Archaeon tarot, is that there is more to this world than we know. Maybe I see passion in it. Maybe I see dreams, maybe spirit. Maybe Cosmic attraction. Maybe the lower and higher self. Maybe it is going to tell me something when I get it. I get a strange, excited feeling just thinking about this deck.

Happy days.
love and light
Gina and Jackory

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