Wednesday, 13 May 2009

King of Wands.

Well Jack is still teaching me, although he is no longer with me as he was....

I did a spread yesterday. Partly because guilt and emotions were kicking in. I posted it on a forum and got replies, and it has made me think. So I am posting on here to pass on some knowledge/understanding in the hope it may help someone, after all tarot / readings are about teachings, and that was what Jackory was about too, Godlove him. Bear in mind when I did the spread, I was not grounded really and to be honest my thoughts are for the most part linked to the basic meanings for the Archeon tarot.

The 5 card spread:

Card One: The situation for Jack
The SunI am unsure of the Sun. I think it means that being happy was really important to him, he certainly liked to be happy and I'm not sure he was truly happy given my home situation over the last two years or so.

Card 2: Was Jack ready to go?

King Wands fire/fire.I had Jack cremated. It says in the Archeon handbook on this card "When at last he rested, he knew the action had been justified". This gives me a little peace. A little. I love this dog with all my heart. Some people have soul mates (human soul mates). Jack was my soul mate, and me his.

Card 4: What Jack is now feeling... 7 Pentacles

Being looked after in spirit maybe. Growing stronger. I can't really focus on this card to be honest. I would like to, just can't at this moment link in to other vibes on this card.Was I right in letting him go? 4 knight Pentacles. For Practical reasons, yes - i.e. health, quality of life. But not as certain as the King would be. Yes, also happened, it wasn't planned for yesterday. It was in my thoughts and I felt strong enough to do it at the time.

Card 5: Is Jack happy now? 6 pentacles.

Again I can't really read this card. 6 is often linked to love isn't it, and coming together. Perhaps it means he thinks of it as a new lease of life. Theres just coins on this card really. It doesnt speak to me today. It means success I know. Perhaps he is pleased to now be in a better world, in spirit and free from aches, pains and free to be free if you know what I mean.

The replies I got made me think the following:-

*Someone wrote about accupuncture helping with pain control, and yes it would have helped. After all when we are free from pain we can live a better quality of life, and longer with a condition.

*A comment about the King of Wands - about the control. Think fairy wands here, think about Pagan wands, think healing wands. Wands are energy, fire.... Jack did have energy, he liked being in control in good, positive ways, like for example standing in between a petrified cat and Logan, an enthusiastic, bounding afghan puppy - he took control of the situation without hurting anyone (he could have for example, attacked Logan here but he didn't). I like thinking of Jack as the Wand King. He brought in a lot of healing, a lot of changes, a lot of making the best of a situation, he enjoyed life with an energy and a vigour, and could play with things on his own.

Reflection: A death on the earth plane means a re-birth on the spiritual plane. The other thing I've learnt is that animal passings are hurried. The vet hurries, the animal funeral people hurry, it is all hurried.

Jack's always had lots of teachings for me when he was with me. I've learnt something in all of this.

  • Don't be hurried. If you experience a loss of an animal, don't let others hurry you if you can.

  • Do ask questions and make people respond to you (ie feeling uncomfortable about the speed, ask, don't let yourself be carried away with the tide)

  • Jack was special, really special. Jack is the canine version of Arthur of the Round Table, he had his ethics and a great love of humanity that surpassed the agonies he had experienced before we met each other. He was just like King Arthur, but in animal form. Animals teach, as well as guide. And in such a humble way. If you take the word "Dog" and reverse the letters, you get "God". God, Divine Love and Light, - source energy, we come from love, we return to love. Love as they say, is a "many splended thing". How wonderful it must be to return to the source of Love. In Ghost, Patrick Swazie says "You take the love with you". However I think you leave it to. Love is an energy. So is cyring and grief. I'm going to try to mix in with the higher energies of love at some point today, just to try to link in to him somehow and then hopefully I will know he is okay, as in the emotions/guilt thing I can't feel him around me. It may be he is in recovery, it may be he has already started his new journey. I don't want to call him back. I just want to tap into the love we had here and send him love where he is. When ever I had experienced a bad day, he would know automatically, and would settle himself a little away and I am sure he would send his good energies over, and soon I would feel more grounded, and he'd come over for a hug and a play. So I just have to wait, and send him love wherever he is, and know that love survives time/space/viels of this world and the next.

  • Think outside of the box. The High Priestess, with her knowledge, may not always be wise. To be wise, means the successful application of knowledge, and sometimes you need to think widely - as in me knowing about accupuncture, but never thinking of it for Jackory.

With love and light

Gina and Jackory

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r00tman said...

I believe that some animals are more majestic than some humans. Be at peace as your care of your pet transcends this world.