Tuesday, 30 June 2009

The Empress, Familiars, Orangutans, Cherries and love.

Warm hugs to all...... It is just a short time after Summer Solstice and I guess I am beginning to heal a bit now after loosing Jackory....

* have finished a few outstanding things like the baby orangutan I started ages ago. I could only work on it when I was able to put "love" into it - The thing with love is that to me it's like an energy, and it's probably what people who can do "psychometry" (holding things and being able to "read" from them) link in too. Again, if we "hate" something, I'm sure we can put in that energy into what ever we are working on or holding too... It's something to think about don't you think... When I started it, I was really annoyed with someone but it didnt help me make it - I didn't enjoy what I was doing and put it awy. Working with it recently, I worked with images of what I wanted it to look like, and was able to "love" it into completion, unlike before. So have a think - if things you are tring to make or put into reality, if things are difficult for you to do, where "love" or "caring" comes into play. Orangutan spirit oddly enough, links into love and nurturing...

*Am also starting to read again, a fab book by Phillip Pullman, it's called "The Subtle Knife" and it is, magically fabulous, with witches, familiars, angels.... I found this interpretation of a familiar on the internet:- "A witch's familiar can be his or her closest companion, offering moral support, special knowledge, and/or physical healing" - I can see how this fits in with Jackory and I, and how lost I have been feeling since he went on his next adventure to be a search and rescue dog.

* I've started to look at cards again, I've done a psychic party for ten, and really enjoyed it, specially as there were lots of single mums, and as a single mum for a long long time I was really happy I'd kept the prices affordable for them. it was a really girly night and so nice to laugh and giggle again.... and I so enjoyed using my cards for the first time since Jackory. I've been looking at them for me, too, and although I haven't liked what they have to say in answer to my questions, the Empress card keeps popping up for me, which is great really as to me it means taking charge of things again, taking up the reigns, feeling more in control - cards are guides, as well as future telling, so for me, at this moment in time, it is what I need to do really to keep going. To be in control, catch up with things....

* In the garden, the cherry tree has cherries - and it has never had cherries since I've lived here, thats been over 5 years now, and that's cool, cos Jack used to love to lie under the tree when it was hot... For me it means Jack is happy he is on his new pathway, he's happy, okay.... if you look up the meaning of cherry, or cherry wood, it means "love".

Thanks for your lovely comments and thoughts, be happy to read for you Karishma!

love and light to all
Gina and Jackoryx

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Karishma said...

Thanks sooooo much Gina :)
Should I mail you or talk about it here itself?
Let me know.

Love and Luck,
karishma :)