Saturday, 21 November 2009

The power of thought and The High Priestess

One thing that seems to be repeated in many of the spiritual new age books and articles lately seems to be the power of thought. If you think about it everything you see around us that is man made was once a thought, and I like to think our world too was inspired by the thoughts of Divine Love and Light.

I went to Borders yesterday for a very comforting and warming Gingerbread Latte in their coffee shop (yes Kim it was Starbucks!) and happened to pick up a book from Deepak Chopra called "Power, Freedom and Grace". If you haven't got it I can really recommend it. It is printed on lovely paper, beautifully illustrated, and the writing is just sheer joy and just flows. Deepak writes on page 61 of the book a question "Who am I?" and answers it by saying -
"I am pure consciousness, pure potentiality, a field of all possibilities."

How fab is that. "I am pure consciousness, pure potentiality, a field of all possibilities". The only extra I would put on is this "I am pure love, I am pure creation".

I am pure consciousness, pure potentiality, a field of all possibilities. I am pure love, I am pure creation.

oh yes.

When I look back at the note that I made of this quote yesterday, sat there hugging my latte, is this image, the image of the High Priestess, sat in front of the two pillars, with her Tora. I'm thinking of the image on the Rider Waite tarot deck.

About a couple of weeks ago, I cast a circle of love and light in our front room, and sat in the middle, meditating with the High Priestess card and concluding that, within the home, I am the High Priestess. I was after feeling a bit more in charge of things, a bit more positive, and not being such a "doormat" to others. I used the image of the High Priestess to aid me as it seemed to me she does know all the answers, but it is really how she chooses to use what she knows, and what she says, or doesn't say... in other words, the card presented the image of a strong confident person, with authority and knowledge, who was respected who held the treasured Tora...

If you think about it, a home is full of our creations. What we cook, how we decorate, what we choose to furnish it with, what animals we bring in under the shelter of it's roof, and what we plant outside. We know our homes inside out and back to front. We know the sounds within, and how the sounds vary when its dark and when it is light. We know how much it costs, and where the house is, we know who lives there and who has left there. We know practically everything about it...

The book is knowledge. Knowledge within, and knowledge without. We come from creation, we are creative beings. Our thoughts can create.

If you need a bit of strength or confidence, or maybe feel you aren't worthy of whatever, or perhaps you just need a creative spark but just dont know where to start or lack ideas on something, have a go with the High Priestess card and see how you feel...

For a few moments, sit quietly and think. You are High Priest / Priestess of your home. Breathe in and out very quietly, let all other thoughts lie still for now. Any troubles come to mind, breathe them out. Let the image of yourself as High Priest / Priestess just be for now. You may even allow yourself to fill your thoughts now with colours, white, pink, silver, gold.... then breathe out those colours into the room, and then breathe them in, into the very centre of your being. ..

"All is well. I have knowledge within and without. I am full of Divine Grace and light. I am pure consciousness, pure potentiality, a field of all possibilities. I am pure love, I am pure creation".

You may like to do a search on the net for a High Priestess image, print it out and put it in your room, or carry it in your bag. Try amending it if its a problem at work - after all, at your desk, at your work, you are High Priestess too!

with love and light
Gina and Jackory.

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