Sunday, 21 November 2010

Peace Pilgrim

"This is the way of peace:
  Overcome evil with good,
  and falsehood with truth,
  and hatred with love."

 This week I treated myself to a book written about Peace Pilgrim, 
       Peace Pilgrim - Her life and Work in her own Words

This is an amazing book, just so full of love. You can buy it on Ebay at the moment, or you can go to the link I've given and there is a free download available on that page. 

Sometimes things click together in your life, and for me, this is a book that has clicked into the pathway that I would very much like to stay on. I have only been travelling on this pathway now for around two months. It is a pathway perhaps that was always there for me, deep in the undergrowth of my life. It was always though in tarot. It is in tarot because the card that depicts it is the one that is called 0 The Fool.

I think perhaps the very young me would have called myself Fool. I have learnt so much on this  pathway -
  • I do not have to worry about me because that is already taken care of from a much higher source than me.
  • There is a one word answer to virtually every problem and every obsticle - LOVE.
And gained so much:
  • Those of you who know me know I struggle with an illness every day. I am learning how to LOVE it. Not fight it.
  • I have a new respect for myself.
  • Other people are starting to mirror that respect.
I  have lost one thing:
  • Weight. I seem to have dropped at least a dress size, maybe two.
I am writing about my pathway to change, through this pathway of Love that I am following. It is Jackory's pathway, it was in every fiber of him. I am so sorry that I had to loose him before I found the pathway that he lived in. It is not really a pathway to follow. It is simply a way of life. I even knew this deep down when I started the blog - tarot love and life.

Love you!
Thank you

Gina and Jackory


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