Thursday, 15 February 2007

Animal guides and spirits

There are very many animal spirit and animal knowledge decks available, some well known and others not so well known. There is even a dog tarot deck = and cat tarot oracles...

I asked for some guidance what it is I should write about today. I have come across some friends and relatives telling me their furry babes are not well, and I know for one friend it is a time of sadness for her as it is the anniversary of loosing one of her most loved 4 legged friend -

I truly believe that animals have their own animal angel to guide them. And I believe too that there is a two way communication between us, which can be healing / comfort -

We take our animals to the vets for treatment and advice always.

That is something that we all can do for an animal. Is there anything we can do on top of that? Yes, I think there is. I think it is possible to send out thoughts for an animal. When my Jack was poorly, I made a protective "circle" around him and his basket and prayed before sitting near him and placing my hands on him. I like to put my two hands on when I am sending him life light - I like to call it that rather than healing. If you do it slowly and take your time you can often come across "warm" areas. I pause there and concentrate on those warm areas. You can also think of them being wrapped up in violet light, violets connected with healing energies of the universe.

There are sites you can look at on the net. There is the "T touch", and there is also several
animal healing sites. One is the World Healing Crusade, Blackpool. They accept e-mails or you can write to them. This is not just for people's healing, it is for animals too. It is for any type of healing, as even our very circumstances (like jobs, relationships) need "healing" or "life light" sometimes.

When an animal is poorly, I have also cleared the house of negative energies. As this is my blog, I am simply sharing this with you, as to what it is that I do. I feel that it helps.

Part of this process is just to take a smudge stick, incense stick, and light it and walk in every room asking for any negative energies to be released and positive energies to come in. (I like to leave a window open but not if there is a draft on the animal).

My dogs will often sleep after this, my cats though are very sensitive to it and there is often a change in them straight afterward in that they seem to have more energy.

Music too is another one that I use. There are links on the inter-net to music, water and healing. It seems that when pure music is played, (an example is music by the Polish composer Chopin) it has a beneficial effect on the crystals in the water. They become more beautiful. I will play classical music like Chopin when an animal is in recovery at home, say from an operation.

Do animals have spirits, can they come back to us? - I would say yes they can do. I have glimpsed a couple of our cats. A close friend told me when she was quite poorly in hospital her husband came to see her saying a dog had come to the back of the house. He put food out and water, but it sat for a while and then started to walk away. It seemed to disappear in a flash. He said it was very much like their Sooty, who had passed away years earlier. My friend said it was odd because that day was the anniversary of Sooty's passing, and it was a day when my friend was not at all well.

I often think horses have a special healing power. They have a habit of looking at you as if they can see deep inside your soul. Again there are lots of info about the healing power of horses on the web pages or in books that you can buy.

Prayer group for animals
If any of you would like to link up as a group to say prayers for our animals please write to me. It would be lovely to set up a group to pray for a lost or an injured animal. Group prayers are important I think. Prayers aren't always answered I know. There are no guarantees.
If you would like to be part of our group, please write... and if you want a prayer said for your furry friend, I would be happy to send my thoughts out to you both...

Godlove, and lots of life light...


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