Thursday, 22 February 2007

Tarot Teachings

Unable to find messages within your deck?

There are quite a few people that I read for, who have a deck or two of their own. One friend said to me she has a few decks, but that she finds no messages within them, all she sees are the "pictures". She doesn't feel connected to the cards at all. There are many articles out there about how you can connect with cards, but if you are short of time, you can build up a connection to your cards when you look at them for a reading. I like to leave a question with my chosen pack. I usually leave it with the cards to absorb the question over night. I will also sometimes write down the question on another piece of paper and put it under my pillow.

Before doing a reading, it is nice to know that you wont be disturbed. If you want to light a candle, or an insence stick, or maybe you would like to place an angel figure by where you look at your cards, anything that helps you to feel comfortable when you look at them.

Ready to select some cards now?
I like to take the cards and hold them in my hand. I always ask for guidance from Divine Love to help give insight into ....... (what ever the question is). I ask for the reading to be bathed in Divine Love, Light and illumination. By this process, you are connecting not only with the universal energies and Divine Love or consciousness, but you are also spending the time to "connect" with your cards.

Shuffle time.
Many people have their own way of shuffling. Some people like to shuffle, cut, shuffle, cut. I think is very much a personal thing. So if you have shuffled them, what then?

Selecting your cards
Suggestion 1.
After shuffling, cut the cards face down, into sections that link to the number of cards you are using. So if you want a 3 card reading, cut the pack into 3, for a 10 card reading, cut the pack into 10. You can then take the top card from each cut for your reading.

Suggestion 2.
Thinking of your question place the cards, one by one, face down, in a fan shape or continuous circle around and around. This could be around a photo of yourself and/or a partner; it could be around a crystal or whatever.

Suggestion 3.
Take your time, look at the cards. The backs yes are all the same, but is there a card that "calls" to you? Does it look extra sparkly, extra shimmery, or simply attracts your hand? You can even place your hands over the cards and take the card that pulls or tugs at your hand, like a magnet does. The benefits of this is that in taking the time to do this, you are once again "connecting", bonding with the cards, linking into them.

Suggestion 4.
Holding the deck in one hand, ask for the right cards for your reading. Ask for the number of cards that you will need to do the spread that you have choose. (this can also apply to a single card reading) Simply take a card at a time and lay it one on top of the other. When a card feels warm, or simply holds on to your palm, put it aside. That is one of the cards that you will use. Continue until you have enough cards for your reading.

You will find that doing this process when you are choosing a card or cards for yourself, develops more of a bonding between you and the deck. As you do it you may well find that you can see more meaning in the cards than you did before. But remember, if the pack still doesnt feel right, if there are some cards that you dont really take to, maybe then this deck isn't for you, what then?

Restoring Vibrations
Often people are given a deck as a gift, so perhaps your deck has already undergone a change or two of ownership. Which ever it is, did you welcome your cards and cleanse them? Cards after all are made in quantities, and come to you from a variety of places, the producer, the shop who had them on sale, etc. The tips that follow can be used with a pack that you do not feel connected to, but they can also be used when you receive a deck that is new to you.

Welcome the pack spiritually. Look at the picture on the front. What do you like about it? Thank the cards for being with you and then "cleanse" them. This is a process of renewing their original energies, of connection between them and you, and of eliminating any negative vibrations. There are many articles about cleansing decks, I have found the following ways helpful and one of them might just call to you to help you in your connection process with your deck.

You can take each card, one by one and gently wipe it all over with a fresh cloth;

You can take the cards in your hand and pass them through the smoke of an incense stick;

You can place your cards in order according to their book or leaflet, and place them on a window sill with your blessing. Leave them for 24 hours on a window sill that recieves moon light and sunlight...

You can move a clear crystal over your cards. Any negative energies will be attracted into the crystal. Dont forget to cleanse the crystal appropriately afterwards.

You can offer the deck a new "home", a new storage place. You can wrap a dark cloth around them of silk/natural fibre, something that you like the feel or the look of. This helps to protect your cards from outside energies that vibrate within your home. Some people also like to place a crystal with their cards.

You can try putting the cards in order as a means of cleaning them each time you have looked at them.

Still having problems?
If the deck still does not feel right, if you can still only see the pictures but do not feel any meaning, perhaps the deck is not for you. Perhaps you may want to give them to a friend; cleanse your cards and bless them with Divine love and light before you pass them on, in this way you are sending them with love to a new owner. Look for a new deck that you feel attracted to; welcome and cleanse them before looking at them and reading their handbook or leaflet.

In Divine Love and Light,

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