Friday, 18 July 2008

Signs of a lighthouse on the horizon

Well at least, that is what it seems to be!

My daughters second baby is definitely on her / his way now (yes I think I know whether girl or boy, but we will have to wait and see. Especially as my gut feeling tells me different than my pendulum!) So news about that definitely later or maybe tomorrow. Gem you are in my thoughts hun and I wish I could have the baby for you so you don't get to have to do the delivery bit!
The baby in the picture is my Grandson, and Gem's first child. The colours in the picture, I know. I can't definitely say "aura" but they make you think aura, dont they, and most is a lovely orange. I am very proud of my Grandson, especially as he has been a model for "Cow and Gate" and also I just think he is super any way. I have a special bear I have put aside for him, an Irish Tara bear, which is absolutely massive, that I have called Cromwell. Cromwell just loves Children, and I hope my Grandson will cherish him as he gets older. He will I hope follow my Grandson through his life and be around for my Great Grandchildren!
Jackory likes bears too. When I first had Jack at home, he used to carry a very tiny bear around with him in his mouth. The bear was only as long as one of my fingers, but wherever Jack went, the bear went to.
On other matters, I seem to be managing better now. The new treats from Pets at Home are brilliant. They come in a sausage shape, like little sausages all joined together in a string. So all you do is pick one off, open it lengthwise, pop in the capsules and Jackory just takes it. Just like that! (Godlove Tommy Cooper, who I never took to when I was younger, but now I just think he is amazing).

Also the ready made meals are a bonus. I am not put out with all the preparation and the washing up. So all in all am bit by bit recovering slightly!

Okay today. Food for today:

Jackory ate some chicken treats delivered personally by my mum who gave him some hands on healing.
Followed by: fish cooked and served with the goat milk
Followed an hour by: his Raintree Urinary support and the N=tense, served in the little sausage treats from Pets at home.
He has also had a syringe 2.5 ml of aloe vera and a couple of drops of Star of Bethleham Bach Flower remedy.

That is so far so good this morning. Jack seems to be taking less water, I am still careful changing the water regularly so hopefully the once boiled water will be fresh and optimised with oxygen.

In the evening I put on a water thingy. It is a goldfish bowl filled with water and a pump. You can put in lovely fragrances, including Eucalyptus which helps with breathing. But I just fill it with normal water and it is on all night. I hope that this helps oxygenate or at least circulate the air, it is supposed to freshen up the air you see. Mine makes a noise, but it is an older version. I am sure that they have new versions which are quieter now. I know they now do them with lights on, so a blue one would be brilliant under the circumstances.

Can you help, please?
What I am missing is a downstairs cd player for Jackory, one that I can plug in that will play healing cd's classical music (including choppin) and healing tapes. So if any kind person would like to donate a cd/tape player, or Chopin cds or tapes to Jackory, it would really be appreciated! (I know this sounds strange but theres lots on music ie. Chopin and healing with water crystals on the web.
Dont mind swopping this either for a reading or for one of my bears dolls that I am selling so I can continue with Jackory's treatment.

Okay share thought for today: A smile is a curve that can straighten out a lot of things....

Nice that don't you think. And smiles are contagious. Jackie smiles and laughs a lot. I used to have a chihuahua who smiled when you smiled at him. He would open up his mouth and sort of pull or draw back his lips and sort of "grin".

Talking of chihuahuas you never guess what I saw in Pets at Home when I was shopping for Jackory. A pet stroller. Yes, thats right. Only £30 too. I thought it nice, thats if you don't always take them out in the stroller! Dogs do need to walk (I can hear Ceasar Milan's comments now... or failing that , the lovely bloke with loads of testosterone who does the Dog Borstal programme on tv., you know, the one who is the police dog trainer. You could take your dog shopping and for a coffee, there was even a little shopping basket underneath. Quaint.

I have a confession to make. I have gone and put down a deposit on something. Why, I couldnt tell you. I really really REALLY can do without buying things this month, especially as I am selling my bears (old, vintage, antique and modern) and some dolls so that I can continue helping Jack.

It is just that I spotted it in my friend Wendy's shop in Ellesmere Port. Actually to be honest, Wendy isn't what you would really term a friend, it is just that in my eyes she is the worlds friend and a special gifted lady. She is always warm and welcoming. Sometimes she gets frazzled but there is a lot of demands I think from shoppers and friends, but she is just this world spirit if you know what I mean. A sort of typical Empress from tarot.

Anyway, where I am going to put it is beyond me. Plus there is F. who really will not not not like this. He will do a lot of pouting and spluttering when I get it I am sure. Only thing is I think "it" is the thing that chose me, not the other way around if you know what I mean.

I know. I know. Realism. But you know things do have vibes and things don't they. For some reason unknown, this little statue doll I have bought (about 4 foot high) is calling to me. She comes into my thoughts and yesterday just kept on coming into my thoughts as if I had to go and sort things so that she could come and stay. Insistent. She is what I would term a "crone " hedge witch, she has her twigs and broom and her cauldron. I might change her a bit, add some pink and sparkles here and there, a bit of Kirks Folly dust... I have put a deposit on her, so she is mine, but I can't get her until next month, when somehow, I have to get her home and she is too heavy too carry. I can't ask F. to go in his van, cos he will splutter enough as it is and will not be a happy bunny at all. He will sulk for months I think. So I have to placate him somehow before she comes.

I also bought a crystal wand of Wendy. I've wanted one for ages, this one is green and pink. Very nice. I will tell you more about it when I have welcomed it and worked with it. I am going to use it in my healing for Jackory.

Talking of healing, my little change of plans and actions yesterday saved me enough energy to do some healing with Jackory which is great.

Well today the other meals planned are turkey rice and veg balls. I have the turkey, I have just got to cook it and the rice. I have some mixed mashed veg from yesterday and then I can put the apricot kernals and the Digestive Enzymes (that I got from in the middle.

Okay Godlove, Godbless. If you read this please write and say hello! Light a candle, more importantly, for Jackory and send out some love and light to him please

love to all
Gina, Jackory and Loganx

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