Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Animal spirit for Dogfaerie

A day ago, Dogfaerie replied to my post "Genie Hat" (7 October) when I asked " With my Genie hat on, and my Genie necklace close to hand, do you have a "blog wish" that you want me to post for you? ". Dogfaerie asked about her animal spirit guide.

This is my reply when I worked on Dogfaeries' question today.

21 October 2008
Dear Dogfaerie

I thought perhaps it would be dog related, or perhaps even to do with insects/beetles, but working with the Animal Spirit card deck, the card that called to me for you was my friend here on the left!
We have totem animal spirits, and animal sprit guides. My friend on the left may be with Dogfaerie for her current life path.

When Cow speaks to us it is often to remind us to stand firm amid others who may not see eye to eye with us. It reminds us of fertility, of mothering, of taking care of others; the greatest good of all, rather than the greatest good of one. She reminds us to pay careful attention; to observe, sometimes at a distance; however she also knows that to some degree she must look after herself so that she can look after others that need her, particularly the younger ones.

Cows are often linked to the goddess and to the Moon; so intuition and perception come into play; not though in terms of prediction but in terms of sensing when things are not right and taking opportunites to be secure and safe.

Cows are also linked to purity and divinity; deciscions that are moral even though difficult come to mind. It may involve a little personal sacrifice. Cows are also very strong though and can overcome difficult terrain and rough weather; they know when to stand firm, or stay still, but also when to move on; they can bear loads and pull loads. These qualities can gain the respect, and love, of others.

Key words: compassion, observe, pay attention; strength; morality; the greator good.

love and light to Dogfaerie, and thank you for replying to my "Genie hat" post!

Gina and Jackoryx

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dogfaeriex5 said...

wow, this was beautiful and i think very fitting, i can see myself as a mother hen with my dogs and my daughter always making sure that they are safe and sound and my friends also, safe and sound....i do think cows are beautiful...i would had thought a dog for me also but i do see how a cow would be my animal spirit..thank~you sweet one, much love to you and jackory!!