Saturday, 18 October 2008

Manifesting money

With Christmas well on the way, I thought perhaps you would like to try a ten week test of my cheque; nothing can be guaranteed but perhaps you may like to enlarge the cheque to "cheque" size and then fill it out to yourself, popping it safely into your bag/purse, wallet. Please let me know if you get any results; even if you just find a five pound note on the pavement! Goodluck with my cheque; remember to take it out every so often and think "I.... (Your name) draw to me through Divine Light and Love, money from good sources. And so it is. Thank you".

You are welcome to change the words; I hope you enjoy trying it. There are lots of information on the net and in the bookstores about manifesting, Laws of Attraction and Cosmic Ordering.

Godlove, love, light and much abundance
Gina and Jackory

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