Tuesday, 7 October 2008

I have my genie hat on today...

A long time ago now someone that I know very kindly gave me a Kirks Folly Genie bottle necklace. It is precious to me like all the things that people give me, it means so much. I have been wearing it over the last few days because I feel I want to get organised, sort / transform things. And so far it has worked, although the initial rush of energy is fading a little now!

With my Genie hat on, and my Genie necklace close to hand, do you have a "blog wish" that you want me to post for you? It could be on anything really. Soul mates, relationships, protection work, a tarot question; working with animal spirit guides, Angel guides...

Please post your blog wish below.

With blessings


1 comment:

dogfaeriex5 said...

hello my sweet geanie~
i owe you a huge email and promise one this week.....but my wuestion is who is my animal spirit guide?xoxox