Saturday, 11 October 2008

a message from the fool in tarot.

My dear child, I have travelled through many landscapes of time and space to be with you today. The shin is shining and in this world I can be with you in the present moment, moment by moment.

My number is zero. Zero. How wonderful that number is. It is not plus, or minus. It simply is the number that is the balance between them. The wonderful state of "I am" being. The state between alpha and omega. A state of Zero Limits, the Zen of life.

What do I carry in my bag my child? Is this your question? Many have pondered this. My bag is red; the zest of life; the colour of the blood, the life force of each one of us. The staff it is carried upon is formed by the fire of the creativity of the Divine. All knowledge of the existance of life may be inside my bag; some of you may say I carry within my bag knowledge of the Tree of Life; perhaps I carry with me the 21 cards that detail my journey as I sojourn between the Alpha and Omega of my existance. However I shall never open it, for it is filled with love inside.

I carry my bag faithfully with me as I sojourn; it reminds me of where I should be, moment by moment. That place my dearest child, is the place where I am now. See? The sun shines radiantly and I lift my eyes to the heavens. I stand on the highest precipiece and move forward, without looking back. Why should I look back dearest child? I have alredy travelled there. My experiences, good and bad are now in the past. I have only the present.

Many reflect on the dog that treads my pathway with me. Some say it is the real world, nipping at my heels to give me a reality check. Some say my little friend is warning me, so that I do not step over the precipiece without looking.

My fellow student who writes this for me thinks of my dog as my companion, my friend. She sees the dog reflecting my movment; paws outstretched as my arms are. She sees the dog standing proudly as I am, with it's head lifted to the heavens, as a reflection of where I am, moment by moment.

You ask about the rose, my child? It is the beauty of the real world that I hold in my hand. Yet I look towards the heavens. My dear child; what you can hold in your thoughts, you can hold in your hand. I see love and beauty in the heavens; I hold love, spiritual pure love and beauty in my hand.

My child, in this moment I am taking a leap of faith. My eyes do not have a blindfold across them. My movements are not restricted. I am free, and I see the path of inspiration from heaven.

Take heart my child. I can be with you moment by moment. Whereever you are in the tree of life. Whether you are enjoying the harmony and balance of 21; the World or whether you are now a casualty of the Falling Tower.

I am not weary with my bag of life for it is not heavy. My dear child; it carries the seed of life.
My heart is like a seed, open to the flow of the existance that is around me and to the Divine who is with me at this moment. At this moment, I am all that I can be.

I am, my child. "I am."

I give thanks for all that has and is and was. And all that I can be. In this moment, "I am".

When you are weary with life's pathway my child I can be with you in an instant. I reside in you; the seed of what was and can be. Breathe easily, softly; call to me and I will bring you yellow for communication, thought, inspiration and warmth; I will bring you blue for the water of life, to quench your thirst and refresh you; to organise and to bring in peace. I bring you red; the vibrancy of life; and I bring you rich brown so that you can ground yourself in the rich earth of life itself, to grow strong within the world you live in. Then shall you see the gift I carry within my bag; it is love, that which is the giver of life; the core within the Tree of Life; that which lives and breathes, and in-spirit-ation; spirit in action.

Take care now my child. I am with you. Moment by moment. I am the power to begin; all the power that ever was, or will exist. I am in the here and now. I am the first step in manifestation. I am taken care of by creation. I am loved. "I am", my child. "I am."

With love and light,
Gina and Jackoryx

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Tarot By Arwen said...

I so enjoyed this message. The dog in the fool card--what a marvelous way of seeing his companion. You gave me new insights into the Fool. I appreciate that.