Thursday, 17 July 2008

Thursday. Tug of war with scarve today!

To-day is Thursday, and it started off really nice this morning, with the promise of a nice day. Actually to be honest it still is, it is one of those gently rainy summer mornings, the sort that looks like a water colour painting if you know what I mean. Today I am thinking of our "Mara", our lovely Basenji girl, and know that she is looking down on us. The other week I went shopping and when I came in, saw a glimpse of her on my couch. She always loved nature and things around her. Bless you Mara and thanks for coming to visit us. Our thoughts are with you today girl, specially as your other "Mum", my duaghter, is due soon to have her second baby!

Well yesterday was a struggle, Jack refusing most foods, and having to hand feed everything, including milk.

I've got loads to say, dont know where to start really. Start with yesterday. I went to Liddles in Queensferry. I got the bread flour to make loaves in the bread maker I have. Something happened in Liddles, something quite amazing, but I will save that for another day, maybe tomorrow.

Anyway, I made the loaf and it as they say, "turned out nice"!!! I gave some to Jackory and Logan this morning. Jack had a cold nose and played tug of war with my scarf, which was nice. He was maybe the bounciest he has been in say a week or so.

Then I went to Pets at Home to get some treats for them, something I could stuff with the capsules and the apricot kernels and digestive powder. I found something called Natures Menu, which is like lamb, rice and veg balls that you defrost and feed. Also some soft tubular treats that I can stuff. Anyway, when I came home, I stuffed three of the treats with the Urinary Support and the N-tense, and Jack took them, no problem. Logan had a few treats too, so he was happy, and then Jack fell asleep in his crate.

Right now there is fish cooking in the oven for the first dinner of the day for them, it is already 11.31 so we are running late, but never mind.

I was amazed at what you can get for dogs now at Pets at Home. It is about maybe four years since I've been in there, but you can even get a stroller for dogs now, a proper pram to push. It is £30! Also loads of lovely new dog beds that were nice, firm and supportive. Better than the two duvets I have folded up for Logan to lie on.

There is a chicken run from Eglu on Ebay right now in Mold, but it was £90. Now it is up to £155 with about 6 bidders. I am still thinking of it, but I dont want too much of the garden taken up thats the only thing. I am not so bothered about the rats now, but we shall see. I have enough on my plate right now without the chickens really, but it would be lovely one day. I lived with my nan who had chickens and geese, so it brings back a lot of memories really.

It seems my daughter has started too with her baby, so our new baby will be due very soon now, so I will keep you all posted! Thats if anyone but Venus reads these blogs. Thank you so much Venus for lighting a candle for our Jackory. I am sure all your prayers and thoughts are helping him!

I must see to Logan today, try to groom him a bit. He has lost his beautiful Afghan hound smell and has a stronger odour about him today that isn't as nice! - I need to book him in to the groomers really to trim his coat for me. I dont show now, and to be honest it is a weight of me when I finally gave in and had his coat clipped last year. It was so easier to manage, with the M.E. thing I cannot give his coat justice really. Also he looked smart and looked after, he is beginning to look a bit moth eaten really.

I got some ready made type meals in at Liddles too yesterday which will also help me out a bit. I went to bed early yesterday, about half seven and stayed there till 11 when i took the dogs out but I feel a bit more rejuvenated today.

Well time for the fish dinner! - Its quite theraputic typing all of this on the blog. Okay, time for a card for today. Again from The Medicine Womans Deck (have a look at these lovely cards if you can they are really lovely)

21. Dancer (The World in tarot)

This fell from the pack, I love it when they do they seem the most apt cards somehow. Also it helps me out energy wise ! - This card means "dancer in the winds of time".

The affirmation from the books: "The present is my point of power. All light, all love, all energy, pass through me now creating ongoing beauty, balance, and awakening on the path toward infinite bliss. From death, the pause of perfect peace, I am born to dance on top of the world".

It continues: " I am Cosmic Consciousness, an awareness in the now of the many forces at work on every plane of existence in and beyond this world. In a sense, I am what has been referred to as the New Age, when all is in balance and everyone lives in peace and harmony recognising their oneness with eachother. I am the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one".

There is so much beauty, simple gorgeous beauty, both in the cards, and in the book. I adore this deck. It is just so positive, it is lovely. Like holding life's boquet, and you pick rose of thought and life's perfume is there to explore. I guess thats what I am trying to do with Jackory, send him peace, love, energy, harmony so he can take that with him on his next pathway, when ever that is. Perhaps it isn't meant to be for a bit yet. It is also nice to think of death as perfect peace. And to be honest, thats what Jack has in his paws, perfect peace. I have always thought of Jackory as a dog that Mary Poppins (bless that character!) as lent to me, as he is "practically perfect".

Please light a candle for Jackory if you are reading this and send him your healing, love and light. Thank you so much - Godlove and thank you Cosmic Love for all your blessings over the last 48 hours (yes, even the struggles yesterday and thank you too for the inspiration as to how to over come them!)

love and light, in the now, and by the now

Gina and Jackory.

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