Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Abundance and the magic of Being Grateful.

Dearest beings, Hello! I am back, each day I am feeling better. I am so pleased to have some energy back again, and guess what today I was able to clean....

I have so much to give thanks for. Grateful to someone I read for who kindly sent me a copy of "The Secret", which I have been reading since I've been "off colour".... I liked what it said about giving thanks for being healed; I am sure this has helped me to recover more quickly, so thank you to the kind person who sent the book to me)... So, if you are not feeling well, take a moment... Draw in several deep breaths and try to imagine you are drawing in love, light, healing, energy, well being from Divine Light and Love, which like the light in my angel painting opposite, is white, sparkling light.... then give thanks for the healing energy that you have received....

Since I've had the book, I've been giving thanks for everything, through out the day. It is amazing how much we have to be grateful for!

The book has given me food for thought. As a child and a tenager, I lived in a world where I truly thought any thing was possible. A world of zero limits. I remember rolling down grassy hills in the summer, watching all the incredible insect life so busy, in the fields, looking at the sunshine hitting the grass, and thinking how sparkly, how magical, how wonderful life and the world was. And I had such a good life in my early years, for which I am so thankful for. A lot of people used to say to me that I never lived in the real world, my life seemed to be full of magic. I worked in the travel industry, and absolutely loved it. I travelled a lot, loved what I did, and everything just seemed to tick magically by me. It was only really when I got married and had a daughter, that I began to place limits on myself.

Please don't put limits on yourself. I truly believe that in tarot, the message of the Fool is simply this, that you too can have zero limits and it doesnt matter which card you are experiencing in your current life path, you can return to what I call source energy... That is why I think that the Fool is number 0. It is zero limits.... a return to source energy, love, light, inspiration, healing....It is where we all orginate from, and where we all at the end of our earth days, return to...

Our limits can show up in our thoughts.... and then can materialise. What you can hold in your head (mind, thought) you can hold in your hands.

More good news! if like me you learn for the lovely speakers on Hay House but do not wish to pay monthly fees for the luxury of listening into a radio station.... check out Contact Talk Radio The brilliant, inspiring Venus Adrecht is moving stations! She is moving to the free station, Contact Talk Radio.... and guess what folks we can listen into archives for free. Happy days.

Northern Ireland: when the going gets tough, remember....

This is the era of Aquarious. When new energies kick in they can make the old energies kick up again as a last ditch attempt. I think this may be the case in Northern Ireland. What we can do is to give thanks to the good people of Ireland who are coming together in the name of peace. Thoughts have energies..... so simple to do.... please give thanks for the peace process and in some way, your energy of thanks will support the peace efforts in Ireland.

Love and light

Happy Days

Gina and Jackory.

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Hello. Merry Meet! I m Crafty Chick, from Crafty's Cuppa Coffee. Thank You for joining my blog as a reader. I am a blog newbie, so I am overjoyed each time someone takes the time to stop by and read what I have written. I also enjoy checking out othr's work too. This is such a great little community. I lit candles for your furbabies, and I send Bright Blessings to you and yours.(BTW- I would love if you could show me how to add the candle link. I went there and checked it out, but it is not the format that I know already. Any tips would be much apprecciated.)