Thursday, 20 August 2009

The Cormorant, psychic readings, and Barry Manilow.

It's been lovely walking my dogs along the canal the last few days. The trees are just showing first signs of their Autumn colours, and there are tons of berries about, which makes me think we are in maybe for either a winter coming soon, or perhaps a difficult cold winter.

Cormorant speak
A cormorant has stayed close on the canalside, which I thought odd because I had the dogs with me, and yes you would have thought it would have preferred to sit at a distance. How still it sat, with it's head held high, and how beautiful it was too. I looked it up on the net when I got home and it means patience, healing with the sun, diving deeper to get what it is you want, or perhaps diving deeper for strength, digging deep - you know.

Psychic readings.
I've been thinking some decks are more for guidance/inspiration/upliftment than others. I love the colours of some decks more than others. Some decks are straight to the point and down to earth. I've been reading with normal playing cards recently for myself and am amazed at how short, sweet and to the point they are, but not necessarily brilliant for upliftment/guidance.

I've just ordered some Fortune Telling Mah Jongg cards, (yes I know I have got quite a hefty collection of cards now) because I loved their colours and the artwork, and enjoyed the philosophy behind the card. So today, for my blog, I thought I'd dig out cards I've not really touched since loosing Jackory.

Medicine Woman: Apprentice of Stones.
The card that kind of jumped out literally from the deck was the Apprentice of stones. This oddly enough is the first card I drew when I looked at the deck for the first time. It was appropriate then, and is now really. It tells me to go back to my roots, like how I first began readings. To resonate with the earth and mother spirit. "See how the spirit flows through you and through what you do in the world." It is a card of expansion, but also to me, it's a card of thanks and humility really.

Celtic Message deck: The Triskele
This deck doesnt really speak to me, althogh again I am drawn to it's colours, to the simplicity of the drawings, and to the circular design of the cards. To me this is telling me to adhere to the security of home. Which in a way is true. I need to mend a back door, I need to sort things out that I've had to move for someone and now I've got bits here and there, which is driving me nuts. Practical things really. It speaks of home fires, the dinner cooking on a pot, of hair pulled back and sleeves pulled up, of tea brewing, of curtains being pulled and warm smells lingering, of nurture but of nurturing the home more than yourself if you know what I mean. Homes been a mess since loosing Jackory.

Druid Animal Deck: The Salmon.
I love the bigness of this deck, the chunky huge cards, the colours, he small borders, the large beautiful coloured drawings of the animals birds and insects. Okay Salmon to me is of going home, of jumping over stones, of a hard journey, of returning to core. To where you came from. Of the seasons and the moon, the magnetic pull of forces outside of yourself. Of reflective silver; of not thinking, just flowing.

Isn't "Fortune Telling" an interesting phrase. Prediction? Warming? Maybe the key is in the "Telling", as in telling a joke. It's notnecessarily the content, but "how you tell it." How you see it. The messages within. I love the uncluttered way of reading normal playing cards and the Psycards, but it's the inspiritation that should sing through. Upliftment, over the obsticles. Resurection over the stuff that pulls you to your knees. Joyful recognition of success and sometimes conformation of the already known. And, like a joke, a final inspirational line that is the key, the sentence which makes your inner being reply "now, I understand. Now I'm a bit clearer". And leaves you feeling lighter, happier, like you've shared precious moments with a good friend and your energy is sparkling, as should be your laugh. It is said laughter heals, readings should too. Healing energy radiates .... ripple in the pond effect. Mmm. Barry Manilow comes to mind - "Could it Be Magic" -

Spirit move me every time I'm near you,
whirling like a cyclone in my mind.
Sweet Melissa, angel of my lifetime,
answer to all answers I can find.
Thats one of the keys to readings. They should help you to get in touch with your angel of your lifetime. To help you find an answer of all the options you can choose.
May you find your Angel tonight
with love and light
Gina and Jackory.

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