Sunday, 24 October 2010

Finding Happiness

My dearest beings,
I write to you from the other side of the veil, that is to say I write to you from the land that you think of as spirit. The spiritual, the one that you cannot usually see. The one that is the pathway that we all walk from, and the pathway, that we eventually, all return to.

What is it that we can see and do in the world of spirit? The noises here are different. The sounds are a bit like waves of energy. Not sound as such. There is peace and a great gentleness here. There is opportunity to learn and we are free. A free spirit and yet at one with others. There is a unity, a coming together. There is understanding and there is no fear.

Do we miss our physical bodies? Not at all. There is no restriction and no illness. It can take time to come to terms with the sheer freedom sometimes. This means that it can take a while to get used to. We miss you, the ones we left behind and touch you in ways that perhaps you do not understand. We come close to your aura, the spiritual resonance, we send you love through that. Very often some of you are so determined to see spirit and to hear us, and yet you miss out on feeling us. You can feel us better during times of silence. Of stillness. A still heart. A good heart. That is the pathway of life after death.

There is a link to the heart and to the soul. The heart pumps the blood around the body. It feeds your body. Sometimes it works the other way. It pumps and circulates that which can make the body unwell. Will you allow the heart to pump that which is unwell or not at ease - or pump that which is goodness and love?

My fellow spirit has been walking on the far side of spirit for a while now. She has been trying to sort out what is wrong with the world and not been in a state of loving. The heart has been erratic and this has created problems. She has had to experience the lows of life in order to get to where she is now. And that is in a place of receiving. She is in a place of being open to receiving, while in a place of giving.

There is essence of life after death my friends. It remains in love. The soul remains in a state of perfect love and union. In unison. It is still in a place of evolving and creating and works individually and yet as one.

A bit like the heart. It works individually and yet as one with the body.

We are the heart beat of spirit oneness. Of the Divine Creator. Of what you call in so many different words, God. God consciousness, if you like. We are the heart beat. You are the body.
And when the body is left, you allign yourself to the heart. You become absorbed in the heart of all there is.

With love. In the light. In the spiritual fullness of all that is and all that was.

I've said what I have come to say. The rest is up to you.

You can walk in love with us. If not, we simply wait patiently for you. Eventually, like our friend, you rejoin that which is harmonious and true.

The web has not two sides. It is one. The spirit world and that which is physical. In reality, we are one. Just living and experiencing it in body and with no body.

Love you.

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