Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Manifesting Love and happiness

Happiness, and being in love, and being loved.

Even the words sound nice don't they. Comforting.

Happiness, and being in love, and being loved.

These are simply words to describe emotions/feelings - to me they also describe an energy. When we are experiencing all three, the world seems uplifted somehow. We seem uplifted. Colours and nature seem brighter and more fabulous than they did before. Perhaps we even have more energy and are more kind to those people around us. Perhaps our feelings of being harmonious even radiate to them.

The impact of loss of a friend, of a lover, parent, child - even a loved pet - is devastating. It is not just that we miss their physical pressence. Perhaps what we miss most of all is them loving us, and us being able to love them.

In the physical world, loving someone means not just loving them in your heart, but showing your love too, in so many different ways.  So when we "loose" them, whether it is through death, or them simply choosing to move on, out of our lives, we "loose" many opportunities to show love to them.

Some people have said to me when they have a reading, that they only just realised they loved someone when that person has either died, or moved on, left them. Perhaps what they are missing is the experience of that person loving them.

I've a suggestion. It is something to try. When I have practiced this, it has brought me a little peace, a little comfort and for short bursts, a feeling of joy. What I am hoping it will do is to allow love to flow. And often, when love flows, happiness materialises - because of linking into a loving flow, maybe our spirit becomes harmonious within and without. With other people, with the life we have around us,  the world in which we live in, and spirit, which in itself is harmonious, because it dwells in love, light and an ongoing creativity.

You need some time of peace and quiet - so no TV, radio - no phones ringing.  I find sitting is more rewarding in this than laying down, and closing my eyes seems to help because it takes away some of the visual world you have around you.

Your focus is love. Just the word for now. Love, love, love.
Link into the word. Feel how it "feels" when you think it. You can try saying it outloud, or whisper it. Take your time trying this word, to get the feel of how it sounds, how it feels as you think it.

Build on it.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

As you say it, think it, you should begin to experience yourself being more comfortable with these words.

Build on it again.

I love you, thank you.
I love you, thank you.
I love you, thank you.

Again, as you repeat the words, allow yourself to experience the comfort of them.

When you are feeling really comfortable, build on this again.

I love you, Sarah. Thank you.
I love you, Greekwitch. Thank you.
I love you, Kim. Thank you.

And so on. It could be anyone you live, work with - someone you have lost, or perhaps would have liked to have known but never got the chance. People, pets - Divine light and love.
As you go on with the names you may come to a gap. A gap where you cant think of anyone. Relax yourself into the gap, and you may find other names or images of people crop up. Perhaps people come to your mind, and you've forgotton their name. It is okay. Simply say, I love you. Thank you. And then see who else comes to mind.

There is no time limit to this. I've been practising this now for about a week and find that I naturally come to a closure with it - a bit like listening to a piece of music coming to an end.

Benefits - this exercise is new to me. I've only been doing it for a week. Short term, I feel a lighter spirit within. I feel a little more energy. It's also been nice to link in to people and pets that I have lost and to have sent them some love. It has also been an opportunity to say "I love you, thank you" to those people that I have been out of harmony with.

The main thing is that you are in a place of being loving, and from that, if you are experiencing a place of being loving, then it seems to me that you are beginning to manifest a place of  being loved, and being in harmony, and of being happy.

With love and light
Gina and Jackory.

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