Thursday, 4 November 2010

Communicating with consciousness

My friends, the last post was about the beginning of the manifestation, or creation of, love and healthy energy. In the beginning there was only love, and there still is only love.

It is said that matter is made up atoms, and that atoms are made up of particles. Yet, in the beginning, there was only love and it is from this that matter is generated. In other words, the energy of all matter comes from love consciousness, and within that everything that is matter, is linked.

In the silence of love, we can link to the consciousness of love energy. The last post was about returning to that consciousness, tapping into that energy and learning how to create an energy of love around yourself, your field if you like, of being.

And yet, as my soul friend here is learning, this is truly just the beginning. It is simply putting your toes into the water of a deeper consciousness that flows through us all, through those made of matter, and those that you know of as spiritual beings.

Once more dear friends step into consciousness. Wrap a colour of golden light around yourself as you relax into the quiet of your home, with no external noises to disturb you. Once more step into the consciousness of love. You do this by opening the doorway with the words "I love you".

The words are like a song to your heart, uplifting your soul and your mind energy. Once you feel comfortable with these words you should be entering a deeper quiet, a deeper peace within yourself. The next door you will be coming to is the door way of love for others.

This is opened with giving love and the saying of thanks, of gratitude. This is the door that opens up into the consciousness of those beings around you. Family, friends, lovers, neighbours, work colleagues, those people that you are struggling to align or be in harmony with.

I love you, John. Thank you for....

Relax into this consciousness of giving love and gratitude. Breathe easily. The words will come from your heart. For some people, you will find your gratitude will simply flow. the words I love you will be said easily, with grace, with contentment. For others that you think of, it will be harder. The words may not flow as well. 
You may struggle to find something to say thank you for, but your heart may remember that a hungry sparrow in the middle of winter, is grateful for a tiny morsel of food. However small an action or a word, or a thought was, it is something to be thankful for. It is an expression of love, in some form, whether that expression was meant for you, or for someone, or something, else.

As you practice this, you may find feelings crop up. They may be dislike, jealousy, distrust. They may not be feelings of joy or happiness. They can be acknowledged with " I love you, I am so sorry. Please forgive me for experiencing this. Thank you."

The Divine disintegrates that which is misery and seeks to expand that which is happiness. That which is love.
This is the purpose of communicating with consciousness. You are expanding into love of yourself and love of others. You are expanding into the greater universe and in doing so, creating an energy of love and light around you. Light attracts light. Love attracts love.

The universal law is love. It is simple, true, kind but sometimes not always easy to do.

The simple practice of sending love and thanks will dispel misery and create more happiness, creating a harmonious you, within the consciousness of you, and those around you. You will link with others in a positive, harmonious loving way, creating opportunities of love to come to you.

You are entering now into the free flow of creativity; into the flow of  love and the manifestation of love. Opening your heart takes time. A rose bud opens gradually, but unlike the rose bud, this regular practice will create eternal, internal, and external qualities of love and light which will not fade but remain bright, uplifting and attracting, the consciousness of all that it touches.

My friend here is thinking this was Jack's Law. Indeed it is, or rather we can view it as " Jacks' Law of Being". In other words, Jack's Love. 

Jack was a being of the consciousness of that which he had experienced before the birth of his last life and chose to remain consciously, mentally, spiritually within it, whilst experiencing an earthly, physical life. In other words, Jack chose to live in harmony within unconditional love.   Jack's Law of Life, or Jacks' Love always was and always will be, that purity of love, which originates  from the Divine. 

 "Divine Love".

Yours in harmony. May you receive a blessing of peace, contentment and inspiration. with love and in love; a blessing of Universal love and light; Joy and Harmony; Well "being" and Abundance.

Love you.

May you rest and live in Love today.
Gina and Jackory.

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