Saturday, 14 February 2009

Love and Peace. The dawn of a new age. NOW.

Peace & love - Salam, Vrede, Okikiamgenoka, Mir, Erkigsnek....

The New Golden Age is here today; at around 7 am UK time, all the planets aligned. We are now in the 7th house, the new age of Aquarious....

Imagine holding a sweet, white as white dove gently in your hands. Ask her to fly around all the people that you love and hold dear, your friends, family, people from the past and present, those far and near; enlarge your group so that you include your neighbourhood, city, county, country, and then include those countries in need, Napal, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, Australia.... and then the world. World love and peace.

This is the dawn of a new age. We have had it tough. Now we need to realign. Perhaps if relationships were difficult then by working with peace and love, we can help nurture them into a loving, nurturing positive relationship. At home, at work. We are all united. We link with each other.

Love and peace. Take time out today. Be happy. Go ouside and give thanks. We have a new President in the White House, whose name means "blessed". His is in place at the right time. Things will slowly change. As from 7 am today, things are changing. Feel the blessings. Send out love and light in your thoughts. Be uplifted. Today, things are different. We are in alignment, drawing to 2012.

Be blessed.

"I am blessed. I am loved. There is love and peace around me. I have only love and peace for others. I am in alignment with all around me. With thanks. And so it is. And so I am. Peace. Love. I."

Let love and peace reign in your life today. And tomorrow.
Gina and Jackory

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