Saturday, 6 February 2010

Using free on line tarot

There are lots of sites on the net with computerised generated readings; you sometimes can choose your deck or choose what spread, or perhaps click on one of the questions i.e. love, money, work.

There are also lots of sites now where you are able to download free tarot cards, adjust them to size and then print them out. If you want to learn tarot, it is perhaps a cheap way of beginning, as long as you have plenty of paper or card, a printer, ink cartriges incase you run out, and a pair of scissors!

Once you have them though, what then. First of all, I'd say, welcome them. Bless them really, hold them, look at them - find somewhere nice to store them.

There are so many things you can do with your new deck. Maybe use them to make your own greeting cards, to send a positive message to friend/relative; perhaps use them for a daily draw by selecting a tarot card for the day - or perhaps do a 3 card draw for a question you have.

Another interesting way of working with them is to do a "house of cards" spread. For every room in your house, select a card. If your home is upstairs, downstairs, have two layers of cards to illustrate the spread - for example, my house of card spread would be based on this:

Front garden

Landing. Bathroom. Bedroom 2. Bedroom 1.

Hall. Front room (lounge) Dining room/kitchen. Grotto.



(for those of you wondering what the Grotto is, its an area my partner built that is his escape patch, a bit like his version of a garden shed, but with home comforts!)

Pull a card for each area. I'd have 11 cards, set out as above, to represent the areas of house/home. Bear in mind that often an area represents the person using it the most often; i.e. my partner would be represented really in the grotto bit, and in the back garden. We'd both be represented in the dining/kitchen areas, as we would in the bedroom; the pets have a bedroom and are often in the front room, so I'd have to bear them in mind as well. The front garden gives an idea of the setting, how people view you, how you view the world. Any unsettling or perhaps less positive cards that fall in an area, well then you can have a look at that and wonder how to improve things. Maybe draw a second spread of 3 cards, to ask how can it be improved and try to work with that to see if it helps. See which cards seem more stronger, where they fall, and where any weaker cards are.

If there are two of you at home, perhaps you may like to take a note of what cards you drew and their areas, before starting again to see what your partner's impression of home is. Or perhaps if you are working things out, you could do a "present" and "future" house of cards spread. There are lots of situations that you may like to use this spread for, it is very adaptable.

Go with your instincts on the cards if you are new to tarot. What images draws your attention, do they look postiive or unhelpful cards to you? What colours are there? What do you "feel" from the card? - Once you have thought about them, then you may like to look up their meaning by doing a search for it on the net.

With love and light

Gina and Jackoryx

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